Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Redundancy and Entrophy

What is Redundancy?

Redundancy that is predictable/expected and confirms to typical conventions of that thing. For example, seeing a picture of a normal dog is Redundant because it is what you expect, there are no anomalies among the picture. It is used in communication and is necessary to make effective communication.

What is Entropy?

Entropy is the opposite of redundancy and is 'unpredictable.' It contains features that you would not conventionally see.. for example, a cat driving a car wearing clothes. 

Over time, images and things may appear Entropic, but will become redundant as time increases. 

How does Entropy and Redundancy fit into Pinks- Family portrait?
the music video of 'Family Portrait' by Pink shows both elements of both entropy and redundancy. The entropy comes with the child singing the song in the video rather than the artist, as it is a child's body, with the lip sync of an adult female, which comes across very unexpected. The redundancy of a typical house and the actions of the mother and child come across well, as these are movements you would typically see in a house between a family. The entropy is also brought forward by the way that the child is in place for a younger version of the artist as it shows the contrast of her life between when she was young and now she is older. This breaks the convention of one person being around at once, as it simultaneously shows both ages at the same time, connecting with each other. The locations in which the narrative is being filmed is very Redundant as it is what you would expect of the types of rooms in a house, for example the living room and kitchen looking exactly alike. The entropy brought in these locations is the lighting and the fact that the actress & artist are singing in the middle of the room, which is not really a typical convention you would see , but however becomes Redundant within a music video, as a typical convention is too sing in the middle of someone in a wide open space.

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