Friday, 5 October 2012

Andrew Goodwin's analytical framework

I have chosen to develop Goodwins framework to analyse P!nk's- Family Portrait

Pinks Music video to the song 'Family Portrait' is an Amplify video showing both meaning and illustration to the audience allowing them to look deeper into the meaning of the song through the visuals that they see.

-The visual of this music video shows a mother and daughter who seem very far apart. The daughter is wearing the same clothes as the artist signifying that she is singing about pinks child life and how she was treated as a child.
-The visuals show neglect between Pink and her daughter, between a family, which is what is being sung about.
- The visuals show the neglect of the child and the mother does not care about what she wants and her needs, only thinking about themselves, showing a connection between the visuals and the song lyrics. It contains both fast paced cutting in the bridge and the chorus with slower paced cutting in the verses too show emotion of the situation.
- The video shows no sign of black and white, but constantly showing the contrast of the little girl and artist. The lighting shows a very dull and gloomy atmosphere whilst in contrast, on the TV, the lighting is really bright showing a utopia and the dream family which she never had.
-The mode of address shows neglect through both lyrics and visuals which describe relationships and bonds being broken, and forgetting the most important things in life and/or taking a turn on the bad things in life. The mode of address is initially brought through by a young girl then later on it is transferred too the artist.

Narrative and Performance
-The narrative shows a close connection to the song itself, showing neglect between a family, however throughout the song, as Pink re-lives her past through her child, she realises that she is doing the same thing to her child and steps back to secure her. It It anchors down the meaning that all relationships are not simple and the ruins which are left behind in a break up can lead to regrettable actions- such as throwing books around as we see on the video.
- The video shows a clear narrative, which is not illustrate, showing a destroyed family piecing their life back together and contrasting their life to others which they see on the TV, to show a contrast that P!nk once had a loving family but now she has nothing.
-The narrative is close to a TV advertisement by the fast editing between shots which adverts sometimes use. it also uses graphic match shots.

-The video shows authenticity of the artist by placing a young girl in replacement of the artist as it connects with the audience better by being 'told' the story through a young child. Also it shows the life of pink from both perspectives, how she lived when she was a child, and how she lives now.

Star Image
-Both stars in the video are dressed exactly the same, showing they are the same person.
- It shows a development in the relationships of both when she was a child and when she was older.
-The close up shots of both of them show the similarities
- Artist doesn't look into the camera much, Little girl looks into the camera all the time she is lip syncing.
-The star image here is the little girl, when Pink was a child as it tells the story about her child life. The older pink comes more into the video towards the end.

Relationship of visuals too the music
-The video isn't exactly illustrated too the lyrics, but has some aspects and cuts which connect with the lyrics. such as when the lyrics say 'I ran away today' , the little girl runs away too the table and up the stairs away from 'Ran from the noise, ran away.' The way that P!nks life is illustrate through a little girl is effective because we see what she had back then towards the end we see what she is left with- nothing. There are only two people who are really shown through the meaning, which is the little girl and mother, with an appearance of an elderly figure which appears in the lyrics 'Daddy please stop yelling' showing some connection and illustrative features. The fast paced cutting shows emotion and the types of shots allow the audience too connect with the little girl and ow she is playing the role of a younger version of the artist.

Technical aspects
-There is good evidence of fast paced cutting when the lyrics are shown towards anger
- The close up shots are mainly of the little girl as she is considered more important
-The mise-en-scene shows a typical house and the drama is happening inside

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