Friday, 27 July 2012

Busted class video

For the second stage of A2 media studies, as a class we re-made the music video to Busted- That what I go to school for. In pre-production, we appointed a director- the person who would tell everyone what to do- which was Jordan. He then decided which people would play which parts and try to give everyone a job. We didn’t appoint a specific person for the props role, and so everyone was responsible for themselves which was not a good idea as some people did not own school uniforms anymore which were required for the making of the video so they couldn’t take part. If we had one person for the props job then they could have made sure that everyone had the correct props and uniform for the video. Jordan also appointed the singers randomly, instead of asking of those who would have liked to play the parts which may have been better as some people would have preferred those roles. In production there were times when a lot of people were stood around and not doing anything, this caused a problem because we did not involve everyone and only focused on the main singers and the people who had uniform and not giving the others any jobs to do. I thought it was not planned to a good standard and I have learnt that you should appoint a props manager and find other people specific jobs such as location manager to ensure that everyone has something to do and making sure that everyone has the correct costumes and props so that everyone can participate and no one is left with nothing to do.

 When filming- the part where the two girls walk past in particular shows the actual Busted video playing in the background, where it should be white or blank (turned off)- this reminds me that during production, every little detail should be considered and making sure that it is all ready before we start to film- such as turning off the projector for that particular shot. I have also learn through production that we should record more than one take of each shot because if I come to edit that shot and I don’t like it, then I have a back-up shot which may or may not be better. A couple of the shots which we filmed for this video were only taken once, so we had to use that shot i the video as we had no back-ups, for example the second from last shot of the video. It would of been good to had at least two shots to see which was better to use for that particular bit. I have also learned about using the different shots in the production of each section, that all of then are not necessarily filmed using the tri-pod and are recorded being handheld. Also the different angles such as close up and low angles which help to make the video much more interesting. The main thing I have learnt is that I should know the order of the shots which we will be filming in. For example, the feet shot first, then the light switch and it does not have to be in chronological order as it all comes together in post-production.

In post-production I found it quite hard to fit all of the video clips in the time space of the actual music video. For example, at the start there are 3 small cuts before the first singer begins to sing - all in the space of 6 seconds. The cutting of the clips did not seem a problem, it was just making sure that they all fit within that timing and in the right place according to the actual busted video. It took a lot of time, but I finally managed it. I also noticed that the continuity was all over the place and that it did not seem to flow very well. This is partly because of the filming and that we filmed on different days amd the lighting was all different- which shows me that I should attempt to film on the same day, or to get the same lighting as the previous shot as on the shots of singer1 in the class and the shot of the projector -both has a dark atmosphere, but one is darker than the other which is not correct and both should be of the same darkness. 

Overall as a whole class task I think we managed very well. The director was good and we made sure that all our shots were just like the original video and worked together to try and achieve the best we could.

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