Friday, 30 November 2012

Magazine Advert techniques

To create the background I formed a black block colour and used an effect so it faded out towards the opposite corner. I then used the eraser tool in photoshop to erase much of the background to white, leaving the shapes on the page creating a unique backdrop.

Creating the red stripe was fairly easy and adds more colour which nicely contrasts with the guitarist jumper and the text shadows. I opened a new document on drew a straight line on the page. I then used the 'deform' effect to make allow it to curl round, as shown. I then used the brush tool and the opacity to draw a line down the thin line created. I then inserted it onto the poster behind everything else by dragging it down layers.

'Perfection' was very simple to achieve, which I feel looks very effective. I wrote the first 'Perfection' in black and then duplicated the layer twice more. Each layer, I converted to a different colour- red and white, which I then layered them together to create the three colour effect. The 'out 20th December' just used red and black, using the same technique.

The most interesting technique I used was the shadows of the guitarists. I used the brush tool on a new layer with a large, low gradient brush. I then painted round the sides of the models and then lowered the opacity to make them less visible. The layer was then moved beneath the models so it looked like a shadow behind them.

I created the drummer using the paint tool in photoshop. by using a think brush I draw the outline and then filled in with a block colour to create a sillohette.

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