Thursday, 28 February 2013

Brightness contrast and tint

This screenshot is of the brightness and contrast tool which we used to change the lighting and to brighten up the clips. We felt it worked really well on several of them, and others seemed to look very grainy and unreal, which didn't really work. We are not particularly happy with the lighting of the performance, but we did not realise the value of the lighting until we came to editing, and could not find a suitable date to re-shoot and felt we would not be able to get the same kinds of shots we did in that first shooting. we have done the best we can with the footage we have, but this is something we would look at if we could go back and re-film.

We then applied the effect of 'tint' to a couple of clips to add highlights of blue to make them brighter, or seem brighter. We tried it on one clip and it worked really well, but did not seem to have the same effect on some of the others we used it on. The toggle bar at the bottom shows and allows us to choose how much blue is applied to the imagery, and the image shows that 1/6th of the 100.0 was applied to get the desired effect.

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