Friday, 11 January 2013

Our life as we know it- currently

We managed to film our performance on the 6th :) we are on schedule with my time management. however unfortunately Olly our bassist is unavailable on the 13th due to his mums birthday , so we are pushing our filming date over to the 20th. I am still yet to talk to my neighbor about the car, which will be happening tomorrow, as yesterday he was not home when i went round. It is due to snow over the weekend and my neighbor clearly stated he will only retrieve his car from his garage if it is NOT wet outside. This could be a real issue if this happens. We have talked together and decided that if it is too wet for our original car to be used, then our back-up is grace's car, which we used in our test shoots. it is more modern, but convertible so we can perform the 'stunts' we discussed.

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