Thursday, 31 January 2013

Update; looking at what we have done so far.

This is the editing we have done so far. We have used a variety of long and short shots, with the dark spaces being left for other clips we have yet to go through. We really like the slow motion and speeding up of the boys getting in the car and we feel our lip-syncing is spot on and works really well. We plan to look more into the lighting and review the other driving clips and to work out where we want to use clips of the love relationship between a girl and the lead singer.

we would also like to review the timing of some clips as they do not seem to fit the beat as much as we liked.    An example is the clip at the beginning of the drums as he doesn't hit them on the beat, which is what we are aiming for.
I have also shown this sample video to my brother who is the lead singer of the band. He really enjoyed it and thought what we had done so far was really good. I explained about our new opacity methods and he is really excited to see this. 

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