Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Evaluation Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

For my A2 coursework, I had to create a digipak and adjoining magazine advert promoting the chosen song as an album. Since I was working in a group on the music video, we all had to create our own designs, which we were influenced by our own research into digipaks and adverts. Once we had decided on a song, it was important we discussed our thoughts of target audience, a house style to use in the video which we could convert to the print, who the actors were going to be, and the style of the video. It was then up to us singularly to create a digipak which would eventually involve a similar house style to our finished music video, and show some coherency between the two.

It was important to look at current magazine adverts and digipaks to understand the main conventions and elements which would be important to use redundantly to make my products have the same recognition for the media products I created.

After looking at the different aspects and elements in both my ancillary products and music video, I am able to conclude the main links between them was the 'ordinary stereotypical' costumes of the actors, the consistent use of props and  the postures of the actors which formed my coherent connections.

Aspects such as lighting and colours changed between products, as it was very hard to get the same levels of colour into the music video than I used on my digipak. However I think the 'pace' , enthusiasm  quirky-ness of my digipak has been transferred well to the video by how we have used quick sharp shots with fast paced edits to show the enthusiasm through the beat of the song.

'I really like the digipak, the theme carries on from the magazine advert. I love the cartoon effect on all the panels. You've done a really good job!

'The digipak and advert mirror and compliment each other so you can tell the advert is advertising the album which is really good  all the images are ace as well because they're all different. the editing is so good too, well done '

My audience responses show that they think that both my ancillary products are coherent and go well together, meaning that they could be part of this marketing package with a coherent house style throughout. Therefore showing that I created a successful 'brand' for the band in print.

colour htmls:
red stripe: #ff7e7e c-0, m-64, y-39. k=0
Red text: #c45e5e, c=19, m=75, y=58, k=3 %
Background : #0c0c0c c=74 m=67 y=66 k=85 (black)
#737373 c=56 m=47 y=47 k=13
#ffffff c,m,y,k=0
Moon: #e6fe14 c=16 m=0 y=100 k=0

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