Tuesday, 11 December 2012

performers and casting

We have recruited a total of 5 people to feature in our music video.
We asked if they were interested before we decided fully on the song choice.

Matt Parkinson- This is my brother, who is a singer/song writer who plays guitar in his free time. He is really keen to get involved alongside two of his friends. During the video he will be part of the band the main singer in the performance element. As he is my brother, I have easy access to ask him questions and to feed the dates of shooting too, to which he could pass on to the other members.

Brandon Dowell- Matt and family friend. He is already in a separate hobby band, and he can play the guitar. He will be party of the band , playing guitar. His look suits the genre of music, we will just have to ensure he shows his face a bit more often. I also have easy access to him to feed information to ensure he understands.

Olly Irwin- A friend of Brandon's. By adding Olly on Facebook, I am able to interact with him to feed information to him. He already plays the bass, which is a huge bonus for the performance element.

Lily Hewitt- This is Grace's sister, so she will have the main responsibility for letting her know when we are shooting and performing e.c.t. we are still yet to introduce all of the performers to each other, but it should work well. She will be playing the acting role of the main singers girlfriend and she shall appear in selected parts during the video and on a cliffhanger ending.

Ben Martyn-Smith- Ben is the boy who lives at the house whose driveway we are going to use. He will play the drums in the background as this is because his parents have restricted us on what we can use him for. Overall we will still have a whole band which will work well.

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