Monday, 10 December 2012

Lets test those shots!

after not being able to gather our models to help us test shoots, we decided to try out some shots ourselves. We arranged it on the friday, to film on Monday. Come Monday morning, it hadn't initially struck me we were filming, so I apologize.

We have tested the opening shot of the artist 'holding the camera' The first shows then holding it themselves, and the second showing evidence of them holding out their arms as if they were holding it.

this first test was with myself holding the camera about me literally. as you can you, it clearly shows my face and my moth lip-syncing to the song, and a bonus was i could see myself when recording. However, it was very hard to keep the camera still so it looks a bit shaken. Giving a camera to a 15 year old and making him hold the camera and perform will prove very difficult and I doubt he will be able to keep it still. Although Just Bieber looked like he was holding it, his filming looked a lot more still than how we tried it with actually holding it.

This second shoot shows me reaching out to the camera, which was on a tri-pod to gain the effect of myself holding it, much like Justin Bieber. We felt this was the best way to film this part as again you can clearly see the lip-syncing and it does look like I am holing the camera. also there is also the second view of the director who can see what the recording looks like and can alter the camera accordingly.

We then tested several ways of entering the car. We also used different shots to achieve this, such as a close up of the feet and a mid-shot.
This first one shows myself jumping over the side of the car into the back. This was a safety precaution we had to look into and tripping over may be dangerous. As the video slightly shows at the end, I whacked my knee on the body, so this is something we are going to have to look into when we look at our risk assessment. This entry was good as we could easily change it to slow motion and slow it down to make it more interesting, and is a more interesting way of entering the car.

This was filmed from a mid-shot, of a slight jump into the back of the car, but this time through the door. this was not as interesting as the jumping, but we had to look into all the possibilities into entering the car in case there were any moves my neighbor did not want preformed into his car.

This third shot is a close up of the feet stepping into the car naturally. 

using a mixture of these shots, perhaps one way for each band member will back the narrative more interesting to the audience and the different ways of entering the car, rather than just stepping in.

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