Thursday, 6 December 2012

Poster feedback

I put an image of my poster on my focus group. I got 12 Facebook likes for my photo and a couple of comments, shown below.

The overall feedback was very positive. They liked how the shadows behind the models made it look realistic and how the text was built up wit the colours.

Mark Prince really liked my poster, suggesting that it meets the target audience I am aiming at. It also builds up the 'teenage' atmosphere and the way I have designed the poster reflects on this mood.  He has taken and approach to preferred reading and agrees with all of the elements I have designed. The red stripe has been commented as effective and adds more colour to my final piece, which is one aim I hoped to achieve.

Emily's comment about it being professional helped me to understand that I have achieved the best result I could and I am now determined to do a really good shoot for the video. She too is a preferred reader as she really liked the elements like mark and understands everything I am trying to show through.

The final comment was from Amy and again her view was very preferred. She also commented on the red stripe which added more colour to my poster and reflected the colours of Brandon's jumper, contrasting well and spreading throughout the page. She knew what my aim was and it seemed to work really well as your eyes are drifted throughout the whole poster and not just little sections.

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